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Scorpio – The Fast Track to Initiation



~ The Fast Track to Initiation ~

The signs of the zodiac are avenues through which the soul grows and evolves over the vastness of time. Each offers the spiritual seeker various perceptual keys that support the development of wisdom, as well as unique perspectives about life and circumstance.  Yet of the twelve zodiacal representatives found within the vault of heaven, it is Scorpio that has the greatest potential to put one onto to the fast track that leads to the gate of initiation.

As the sign most associated with discipleship, Scorpio offers the striving disciple a variety of tests so as to prove him/herself worthy of initiation and the widening of spiritual responsibility that each initiation confers.  And though the tests and challenges staged by this sign can pertain to one’s outer life, this is largely the case when considering the individual not yet on the Path. For when the individual is consciously walking the Path, the foci of tests are inwardly directed.

Scorpio is the energetic force that cultivates the urge to introspect in order to find and transform those unredeemed aspects of the personality that limit the soul’s outer expression. In short, it is associated with transforming the lower-self and the wrenching discomfort that inevitably accompanies that effort.  This is why Scorpio can accelerate one’s evolution faster than the other zodiacal signs. It forces one to painfully face the darker side of the psyche and deal with it.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that all the signs of the zodiac require that the disciple deal with the shadow aspects of his or her personality.  No matter what sign(s) is accented in the chart, an individual will surely bump into the inhibiting or unwholesome aspects of his or her personality, and then be forced to deal with them. Indeed, this is unavoidable when on the Path. Yet an encounter with these internal obstacles is experienced differently in Scorpio. For in this sign, the disciple does not simply discover his or her shadow issues as they arise. Instead, they are deliberately, and introspectively, sought after.

Herein is why Scorpio offers the disciple an accelerated pace toward initiation’s gate.  There is a more deliberate focus in seeking the hidden psychological obstacles that must be transformed. Scorpio therefore facilitates the fast track, as difficult and painful as it may be.

William Meader

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