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Libra – Harmonization as the Prelude to Fusion

Constellation Libra


~ Harmonization as the Prelude to Fusion ~

Libra has long been associated with the Principle of Harmony.  It tries to condition human consciousness with a desire to reconcile and harmonize a variety of dualities playing out within the human experience.  This is true whether we are considering the dualities pertaining to the individual in relationship to the outer world, or the many psychological dualities that play out within human consciousness—such as the duality of mind and heart, or the masculine and feminine polarity within each of us.

When viewed from a higher perspective, Libra is the sign symbolizing the need to harmonize the soul with the personality.  Indeed, this is an inescapable truth when walking upon the Path, regardless of whether or not Libra is accented in the natal chart.  The spiritual goal for each of us is to transform the personality so as to establish harmonic rapport with the soul.  This is a necessary prerequisite when on the Path to enlightenment, for harmonization is the prelude to fusion. And though this is true for all of us, it is particularly true for the Libran disciple.

As the personality begins to create a sense of balance between the many dualities within itself (such as happiness versus sadness), as well as external dualities (such as its secular life versus spiritual life) it is creating a sense of readiness for additional soul-infusion.  In short, as the psychological forces of the personality are becoming equilibrized, the soul recognizes that its outer garment (the personality) is now able to absorb and express more of its love and wisdom in service to human need.  Further soul-personality fusion thus commences.

William Meader

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