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Virgo: In Search of Good Form

virgo constellation

virgo constellation


~ In Search of Good Form ~

As one of the earth signs, Virgo is intimately related to form.  Having long association with meticulousness, discriminative thought and tidiness, it is a sign that tends to imbue human consciousness with an urge to organize form. More precisely, Virgo cultivates within human consciousness a proclivity to search for and create good form.

Whether we consider the engineer who naturally seeks precision in design, the bookkeeper who is determined to account for every penny noted on a financial ledger, or the individual who is scrupulously preoccupied with dietary concerns, these are traits that are rooted in the energies of Virgo. Though applied in vastly different contexts, each represents a desire to facilitate the creation of good form.

Given this, it is not surprising that Virgo is the sign that largely governs the healing arts. This is true whether we consider the efforts of mainstream medicine or the holistic and complementary approaches to healing. For what is the underlying goal of all medical interventions? It is to support the development of good physical form, so that human consciousness can more joyously live through that form.

For the Virgo individual who is not yet soulfully awake, the search for good form will most often manifest as a dynamic between the personality and the many forms within the outer world. Normally such a person will be particularly attentive to organization, purity and efficiencies evidenced within the environment in which he or she lives. A perfectionistic tendency will often accompany this effort.

Yet when the Virgo native is conscious of the soul’s loftier perspective, the forms to be organized and purified are notably different. Indeed, from the soul’s point of view it is not in the outer physical environment that good form is primarily sought. Instead, it is within the mental, emotional and physical bodies of the lower-self that the purificatory fires are focused. In the first case, the personality seeks good form within one’s physical environ, whilst in the second instance the soul directs this urge toward the personality itself.

William Meader

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