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Magic – Recognizing the Field


~ Recognizing the Field ~

Spiritual magic is the art of manifesting the soul’s wisdom as a function of service.  It requires that we inwardly sense the soul’s intuitive promptings, then build clear and coherent thoughtforms around these formless insights. The goal is to ultimately express this intuitive wisdom to others, hoping that it will have an uplifting effect upon them.  Yet to skillfully bring forth the soul’s wisdom requires that the magician recognize The Field, and the hidden message it conveys.

The Field is in reference to the environment within which the magician works. When we are wanting to express a lofty and insightful idea (as impulsed by the soul), it is important to gauge the condition of the environment (and the people within it) to determine its readiness for what we desire to convey.  And though this notion may seem to be emphasizing the physical environment, this is only partially true. For when we consider The Field, it is not the physical environ that is most important to the magician, but the etheric field underlying it.

As part of the human constitution, there is a subtle etheric body (including the chakras) that energetically determines the health and balance of the physical body. Not surprisingly, this is true when we consider The Field as well.  It is a subtle foundation to the outer environment and has a permeating and conditioning effect upon it.  The magician must learn to recognize this, and to intuitively discern its condition, as well as the qualities of consciousness contained within it.

When rightly sensed, The Field reveals a vibrational signature indicating the amount of will, love and intelligence existing within the environment at any given time.  To the spiritual magician, the ideal moment of delivery is when these three energies are equally present and balanced.  Assessing this is by no means easy.  Inevitably, the magician must cultivate the capacity to intuit these vibrational qualities within The Field.  Effective creative work is then ensured.

William Meader

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