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Divine Intimacy – Science of Invocation and Evocation

Divine Intimacy

~ The Science of Invocation and Evocation ~

Where we each stand upon the Path of Evolution is closely related to the degree of intimacy we experience with the Greater Life (God).  Every step on the evolutionary journey indicates that an individual has achieved a deepening communicative relationship with the Divine.  Our means of reaching toward God has historically been governed by contemplation and prayer. Yet, as humanity enters into the Aquarian Age, a new approach is beginning to dawn upon human consciousness. It is called the Science of Invocation-Evocation.

To understand invocation-evocation it may be helpful to contrast it with prayer.  Essentially, prayer is based upon a loving appeal to the Greater Life.  Often it is impulsed by a yearning for divine intervention in support of a desired end, or to assuage suffering, either related to oneself or to others.  On the other hand, invocation-evocation is inclusive of this, but adds to it the participation of the higher mind.  While prayer tends to hold a heartfelt devotional note, invocation-evocation is governed by the blending of love with an intelligent understanding of the physics governing the macrocosm and microcosm interplay.

With prayer, there is an underlying hope and wish that that which is being prayed for will be heard and responded to.  Yet when invocation-evolution is fully developed in the minds and hearts of humanity (in the future), the need for such hope will vanish. Unlike prayer, an invocation is a wise and intelligent petition to God, and evocation is the response to this invocative demand.  Most importantly, when the invocative appeal is done correctly, the evocative response from above is inevitable.

More fundamentally, the difference between prayer and invocation-evocation can be traced to the question of God Transcendent or God Immanent. God Transcendent suggests that the Creator is distinctly different from His creation. Generally speaking, this has historically been the bias of Western theologies. However, in the Esoteric Philosophy, God Immanent is viewed as primary. Suggested by this is that the universe is God manifesting in and as form. Given this, a human being is simply an extension of life arising from the Greater Life.  Prayer is therefore rooted in the assumption of an external God, while invocation-evocation is founded on the notion we are each extensions of the Divine.  Prayer therefore appeals to another Being, while invocation-evocation is directed to the highest dimension of oneself which, in the ultimate sense, is the One Life itself.

William Meader

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