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Law of Economy

Law of Economy

~ Developing the Unencumbered Personality ~

The Esoteric Philosophy is founded upon a number of spiritual laws and principles, and each provides us with a deeper understanding of the road to enlightenment. Some of them are closely related to the evolution of the monad, some to soul, while others govern the development of the personality.  Of the latter, it is the Law of Economy that ultimately makes it possible for the personality (acting as the soul’s agent) to do its work in the outer world.

When seeing the term “economy” we are inclined to think of it in monetary terms. Yet in the world of occultism, its meaning is quite different.  Fundamentally, the Law of Economy is closely related to the matter aspect of creation.  When considering its relationship to a human being, it is the law that facilitates the organization and regulation of the personality in its threefold nature—mental, emotional and physical.  At its most basic level, this sacred law governs the underlying instinctual dimension of human consciousness, and at its highest expression it facilitates the right organization of the mental body and the patterning of human thought.

Essentially, the Law of Economy continuously nudges the personality toward a more economic approach to form and its utilization. It supports the evolution of discriminative thought; it tempers the astral body toward a wiser utilization of emotion and the elimination of excessive zeal; and it cultivates a well ordered outer life so that soulful service can be more effectively rendered.

When considering the evolution of human consciousness, the goal is to adjust the outer forms of life so that they become useful conduits through which the soul can creatively express. And though the Law of Attraction is central to the flowering of soul consciousness, it is the wielding of the Law of Economy that eventually permits the soul to express through its outer garment, unencumbered.

William Meader

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