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Gemini – The Construction of the Antahkarana


~ The Construction of the Antahkarana ~

As is well known, Gemini is the astrological sign most associated with communications.  Whether considering the use of telephones, television or the Internet, this zodiacal force underpins and governs all forms of telecommunications.  Indeed, even the process of verbal dialogue between two people is rooted in Gemini.  Yet when an individual is consciously walking the Path, this remarkable sign becomes influential in an additional way, for it facilitates the building of the antahkarana.

The antahkarana is the communication bridge linking the soul with the personality. In the nomenclature of the New Age community it is sometimes called the “rainbow bridge.” Essentially, the antahkarana acts as a conduit through which the soul establishes communicative rapport with the mind of the personality. And, most important to the topic at hand, Gemini rules its construction.

Keep in mind that the traditional ruler of Gemini is the planet Mercury.  Called Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods, in Greek mythology, its influence largely supports the building of this inner bridge, deep within. Given this, it is quite appropriate that Mercury would rule this sign, for the human soul is the god within each of us, and the antahkarana is its means to influence, guide and inspire its outer servant—the personality.

It should not be assumed, however, that only those born in Gemini are able to build this inner communication bridge. Because the planet Mercury is found in everyone’s chart, it acts as a representative of Gemini to each of us.  And though, for the disciple, the antahkarana is only partially built, the day will come when its construction is full and complete.  When that time comes, the wisdom of the soul is then inwardly sensed, free from potential distortion.  Enlightenment is thus achieved and a Master of Wisdom is then born.

William Meader

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