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The Eye of Vision

The Eye of Vision

While walking the spiritual path, an individual will begin to recognize that the nature of his or her vision is slowly changing. It is important to realize, however, that we are not referring to the sightedness conveyed by our physical eyes. Instead, it is the soul’s vision that is being addressed as it functions through the third eye. Sometimes called the Eye of Vision, this organ of perception slowly opens over the course of many incarnations. By so doing, it gradually gives us the capacity to sense the deeper truths expressed through our individual lives, as well as outer events.

The Eye of Vision does not present images to the mind, at least not in the manner offered by our physical eyes. Rather, through this soulful eye we begin to sense the qualities and energies underlying the forms we witness in the outer world. For example, when looking at a beautiful tree, our two eyes see it and its many physical attributes. Yet when the Eye of Vision is engaged, it is not the tree’s physical characteristics that are conveyed. Instead, we begin to recognize the life qualities of the tree as it extends through the trunk, branches and its leaves.

While our physical sight presents to us the form of things, the Eye of Vision reveals the soul hidden within the form. This is the case whether we are talking about the soul residing within a plant, a human being, a social system or even world events. All are forms and all have various sacred energies seeking expression through them, and doing so with various degrees of accuracy and distortion. To sense the soulful principles struggling to find expression through form is the first step in recognizing how to best serve that which is seen. And indeed, it is the perceptual gift of the Eye of Vision that makes this possible.

William Meader

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