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The Decentralized Self

The Decentralized Self

One of the main objectives of Life, as it evolves through the human kingdom, is something called individualization. As a step beyond the instinctual consciousness cultivated when living within the animal domain, the goal of human life is the emergence of individualized consciousness and self-awareness. We slowly learn to become introspective and, in so doing, develop a uniquely individual capacity to reason, ponder and to feel. Indeed, it is from this evolutionary gift that the human ego eventually arises. Yet once the individual ego reaches full maturity, decentralization is the next step on the long road to enlightenment.

Simply stated, decentralization refers to the importance of taking one’s eyes off oneself. It is an orientation of the mind that begins to occur after one has developed a well-integrated sense of ego, and is simultaneously awakening to the consciousness of the soul. While the personality (ego) tends to be preoccupied with itself and its personal needs, the soul begins to reveal a greater truth—that humanity is one and in need of betterment. As a natural byproduct of such promptings, a shift toward a desire to serve the needs of the whole begins to occur. It is a reorientation of one’s consciousness from a personal to an impersonal perspective.

It should be noted that the process of decentralization doesn’t occur instantly. Indeed, it is a gradual development that transpires over the course of several incarnations. Indeed, each step upon the Path of Discipleship adds a measure of decentralized perspective into the mind and heart of the disciple. More and more the disciple commits his or her life to humanity’s welfare, and does so in the spirit of selflessness. Such is the incremental nature of evolution.

William Meader

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