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Taurus: The Revelation of Light


~ The Revelation of Light ~

Taurus is the zodiacal force that facilitates the molding and fashioning of forms.  It conveys to its recipient an intuitive vision of the light hidden within form (mental, emotional or physical), as well as the insight necessary to give it tangible expression. By so doing, this light becomes recognizable and uplifting to others.  Taurus is therefore the sign most associated with the building of form as a function of revelation.

Whether we are considering the light of beauty radiating through an artist’s painting; the businessman who has designed corporate procedures that manifest the light of organization; or the teacher who recognizes the need for a well-constructed lesson plan to convey the light of understanding, each is essentially revelatory.  They are examples of various types of light manifesting through form.  And though this notion has relevance to all signs upon the zodiacal wheel, Taurus is par excellence in this regard.

Taurus is most associated with the opening of the third eye, the Eye of Vision. This is crucial when trying to understand the spiritual efforts of the Taurean.  For the light that is perceived is sensed intuitively through the workings of this inner eye, as utilized by the soul.  Essentially, the Taurean disciple intuits the light, then fashions the form so as to give outward evidence of its radiance.  For example, the artist recognizes the light of beauty then applies pigments to canvas so as to give form to what was seen.  Suggested by this is the notion that the light inwardly sensed pre-exists the form that is built to represent it.  In other words, the painting is not the cause of its beauty, but simply gives recognizable form to it.  Spiritual light gives birth to form, not the reverse. Herein is an occult notion of great import.

William Meader

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