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The Creative Principle

Every human being is destined to be a creative agent in service to the Greater Life. As viewed within the Ageless Wisdom, this is considered an inescapable truth. Such a statement is not, however, a platitude related to the development of the personality. Rather, we are referring to the soul and its expression in the outer world. Whilst there are many laws and principles that govern the soul’s unfolding consciousness, none have the power to practically transform the reality of human life more than the Creative Principle.

Within the fabric and nature of the soul is an inherent urge to serve. With a heart ablaze with love for humanity, the soul seeks to manifest its creative ideations into the world, for humanity evolves through its relationship to new and progressive ideas. Using the wisdom garnered over countless lives, the soul is well equipped to deliver its loving intelligence to a world in need. Indeed, it has no choice, for the evolution of human consciousness demands that this be so.

This creative urge becomes more and more evident the further one progresses on the Path and, at each step, an aspect of the etheric body is enlivened. It is the throat chakra that becomes increasingly galvanized in support of the soul’s creative intention. Through it, the soul shapes its wisdom into thoughtforms that have the power to transform and uplift. Herein is an essential notion underlying the Art of White Magic. It is to give creative form and expression to the formless intelligence contained within the causal body, the repository of the soul’s earned wisdom.

William Meader

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