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Magic – The Question of Right Timing (Part Two)


~ The Question of Right Timing ~

(Part Two)

As discussed in my last blog, the cycle of vitality within the magician’s etheric body is important when considering the question of right timing. Though dates and time of day are important, the actually timing for presenting one’s creative idea, piece of art, or act of service is best when the magician’s etheric body has reached its midway point in its cycle of vitality. In this sequel, my intention is to highlight the second half of this question of right timing, and to discuss it as it relates to the condition of the field.

While it is certainly true that the human body is conditioned by etheric substance, it is also true that the physical environment has an etheric underpinning as well. Sometimes called the etheric field, the measure of vitality it evidences is an important factor to be considered. When preparing to deliver one’s creative message, it is well to realize that the etheric field is being conditioned by those within it, and that it too will have an influence on the success or failure of delivery. The magician must sense the condition of the field to determine its energetic ebb and flow, and ascertain where it is in its cycle of vitality.

Just as was the case when considering the magician’s attempt to recognize the midway point within his/her individual etheric cycle, so too this is the case when assessing the field to determine right timing. It too ebbs and flows. Again, it is the midway point within the etheric field that represents the moment of magical opportunity.

When the magician can sense this, and can deliver his/her ideations into the field accordingly, the likelihood of it taking hold and germinating is greatly heightened. It represents the time when people within the field are alert and receptive, and are less prone to energetic depletion, or conversely, over exhilaration. When this hasn’t been taken into account, an ill-timed delivery is more likely. It has been said that when this has occurred it leads to a stillborn child, for the idea dies at the moment of its birth.

William Meader

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