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Magic – The Question of Right Timing (Part One)


~ The Question of Right Timing ~

(Part One)

As understood within the Ageless Wisdom teachings, magic is the art of manifesting that which the soul seeks to bring forth into the world. It requires that we learn to hear the faint whispers of the soul, then shape mental ideations in accordance with these intuitional promptings. Once a new and progressive idea(s) has been formed within the mind, it then requires that we consider the wisest time to bring such an idea forward. In many ways, the success of creative magic hinges on the question of right timing.

When we typically consider timing, we normally frame the answer around thoughts pertaining to a calendar, day planner or wristwatch. Though naturally this framework is important, it is actually not the most essential consideration, for soulful magic is also defined by etheric timing.

As is well known, the etheric body is where the human chakra system is contained. As an energetic instrument underlying the physical body, it represents the sum total of the vitality contained within every cell, vessel and nerve within the body. This is why it has sometimes been called the vital body. And, upon close examination, it can be readily seen that the level of vitality animating the physical body is rhythmic. It is this ebb and flow of etheric vitality that is crucial when considering the delivery of the soul’s creative endeavor.

The question naturally follows, when is the best time of delivery within this cycle of vitality? Obviously, when the magician is in the devitalized phase of the cycle, bringing his or her creative idea into outer expression is ill-advised. This is because the magician will be less likely to imbue enough life force and vitality into the idea being expressed. Conversely, when at the peak of vitality, this too is a period of less effectiveness because it can over-energize the expression. Essentially, right timing is best predicted as the midway point within this etheric cycle of vitality. When such is the case, the etheric and physical bodies are balanced, and therefore able to condition the magician’s progressive ideations with the correct amount of vitality and life force.

William Meader

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