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Aries: The Will to Initiate


~ The Will to Initiate ~

When considered from a northern hemispheric perspective, the Spring Equinox marks the commencement of Aries every year. The parallels between the equinox and this zodiacal sign cannot be understated. Just as spring is the time of year when new life bursts forth, so too, Aries conditions human consciousness with the propelling urge to launch that which is new and life giving. Indeed, when we consider the life of the disciple, it is the sign most associated with the Will to Initiate.

For the disciple who has Aries strongly accented in the natal chart, his or her spiritual purpose is to bring new and progressive ideas into the world. Akin to the influence of Aquarius, to rightly live under the guidance of Aries one must be a pioneer of sorts. And although both Aquarius and Aries emphasize groundbreaking ideations, their methods of delivery are distinctively different. To the Aquarian it is preferred that cutting edge ideas be brought forward through collaborative initiatives, while the Aries pioneer is comfortable with going it alone if necessary.

The great challenge in Aries is to learn to rightly measure the amount of will needed to bring an innovative idea or project into outer manifestation. When gauged correctly, the Aries disciple can truly be called a spiritual magician. Indeed, Aries is the zodiacal force most related to the creative work of magic. It gives outer manifestation to the new archetypes intuitively registered within the mind.

On this point, there is a deep and meaningful relationship between the magician card in the Tarot and the sign of Aries, in that both correlate to the number one. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, while the magician is the first card in the Major Arcana. This is a numerological correlation of occult importance. It signifies a commonality of vibration that is worthy of note.

William Meader

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