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The Soul of Humanity

The Soul of Humanity

~ An Emerging Influence in the World ~

Within the Esoteric Philosophy, the soul is understood in a variety of ways. It has been defined as a layer of human consciousness imbued with selfless love. It is also understood as the repository of wisdom garnered over countless lives. Essentially, soul represents the sum total of the best of an individual’s inner nature. It is that which carries forward from one incarnation to the next, and is the level of consciousness where heart and mind cooperatively unite. Yet transcendent to the human soul is found a greater soul over-lighting the entire human kingdom. Referred to as the Soul of Humanity, this soul is now struggling to emerge into the fullness of day, and the global crises now gripping our world provide sure evidence that it is drawing near.

When considering this subject, it is natural to assume that the Soul of Humanity is an amalgamation or synthesis of the individual souls residing within the human kingdom. Yet it is something greater than this, for the Soul of Humanity is synergistically more than the sum of its parts. Though it does represent the totality of acquired human wisdom, it also is a living and vibrant aspect of the cosmic entity that enshrouds our planet—the Planetary Logos. It is important to remember, therefore, that human beings are cells of consciousness within the constitution of a much vaster being.

We have been given to understand that human evolution will eventually lead each of us to a pivotal stage when the soul begins to infuse itself into its outer garment—the personality. This marks a major transitional moment in the soul’s journey, whether considering the evolutionary career of the individual soul or that of the Soul of Humanity. It is a time when the soul (individual or collective) begins to more intentionally imbue its love and wisdom into the fabric of the personality. When considering the Soul of Humanity, now is such a time.

At this remarkable period in history, humanity stands at a place of unparalleled transition. The Soul of Humanity is now seeking to infuse an aspect of itself into our collective personality. It is trying it impress upon the minds and hearts of people (those who are soulfully awake within themselves) with new and progressive ideations that have the power to bring wisdom and renewal to the human condition. Today, indicators of this are becoming increasingly apparent. For example, it is evidenced in our growing concern for the welfare of the environment; in the rise of interdisciplinary cooperation and multiculturalism; in our rapid and compassionate response to human suffering; and in the growth of socially responsible business practices. Each of these tendencies (and many others) gives indication that humanity’s collective soul is increasingly cresting upon the shores of human thought, and this trend will certainly continue.

At this point it may well be asked, why then are we confronted with global crises on so many fronts? The answer lies in the nature of human consciousness itself. Keep in mind that the Soul of Humanity is governed by the fourth ray, the Ray of Harmony through Conflict. Yet the name of this divine radiation is not suggesting that humanity has a choice to either live in harmony or engage in crisis. Rather, it implies that we evolve through crisis and conflict. Esoterically understood, it is in the destiny of Life, as it progresses through the human kingdom, that harmony and crisis are inescapable companions in support of human consciousness and its evolution. Crisis stages the necessary tension required for humanity to move into a higher and more harmonious way of being in the world.

It is not surprising, therefore, that entrance into a period of global transition would have a variety of crises emerge, and with worldwide implications. Essentially, it is in the physics of human evolution that this is so. When the love, wisdom and guidance of the soul impresses upon the form dimension of human life (mental, emotional and physical), shadow issues are naturally dislodged and made visible to us. Globally, we are in a period of time when the Soul of Humanity is trying to imbue our collective consciousness with a higher set of values, and the consciousness of the status quo is predictably rising in defiance. In short, love and wisdom forces archaic and resisting thoughtforms to the surface so as to be collectively witnessed, and this is good. For in truth, we can only change that which we can clearly see.

We have been given to understand that the Law of Service is a central paradigm operative within the causal body (vehicle of the soul) of every human being. To truly live a soulful life requires that we dedicate ourselves to providing creative and uplifting service to others. This has important implications when we consider the topic at hand. For the Soul of Humanity is said to be the throat center (chakra) of our Planetary Logos. This is a staggering notion and is worthy to ponder. As is well known, the throat chakra is the magical center of creative ideation. Through it, the soul has the power to shape and express new and evolutionary ideas that have the power to transform and uplift. And if it is true that humanity stands as the throat chakra to the logos, it speaks volumes as to the role we each must play. As members of the logoic throat chakra, every human soul is destined to be a creative agent on behalf of the Soul of Humanity, and by extension, the Planetary Logos.

Humanity stands at a turning point in its long evolutionary journey. For the first time in history, the Soul of Humanity is attempting to infuse its wisdom and loving purpose into humanity’s collective awareness, and this is a prerequisite to a great initiatory opportunity. In this regard, we are on the threshold of a new and dawning era, and it is the Soul of Humanity that is helping to drive it forward. Each of us has an opportunity (and responsibility) to be a servant on behalf of this greater soul. The means to do this is to inwardly align with our individual souls. For when such is the case, an alignment with the Soul of Humanity naturally ensues. Herein is the key to understanding how to be a more effective creative agent in support of humanity’s higher potential. For to be guided by your individual soul, is to automatically be in resonance with the Soul of Humanity. And, given the gravity of the crises emerging in today’s world, it can be truthfully said that this is your time.

© 2015  William Meader

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William Meader is an author, teacher and counselor. Much of his work is focused on the subjects of Spiritual Creativity, the Evolution of Consciousness and the Art of Meditation. At present he is teaching in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He resides in Oregon, and can be contacted through his website at