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Pisces: Cultivating the Mystical Sense


~ Cultivating the Mystical Sense ~

Pisces is the zodiacal force that supports the cultivation of mystical awareness. Because of its watery nature, this sign assists the human mind to recognize the formless dimensions of consciousness, as well as the profound truths that such regions of awareness contain. Pisces is therefore the sign of mystical yearning, and has deep and meaningful implications for those who are treading the Path.

Viewed from a traditional perspective, Pisces has long been associated with psychic faculty, creative imagination and dreaminess. At first glance these psychological experiences may appear quite different. However, they are actually rooted in the same spiritual urge, for they each indicate the capacity to sense the subtle realms, deep within. Indeed, this is the foundational notion underpinning the influence of Pisces. It is to shape into the fabric of human awareness a sensitivity to the subtle—be it dreams, psychic impressions or deeply spiritual intuitions.

Versed in the symbolic language of intuition, Pisces prompts the mind and heart with formless insights and guidance from the soul. Depending upon the Piscean’s stage of development, the origin of such intuitions may even come from beyond the soul—the ashram itself (the inner abode from which the soul issues forth). In other words, Pisces cultivates the mystical sense by helping us to realize that which exists beyond the five senses and the constructions of the intellectual mind. Yet the depth and source of the impression, as well as the accuracy of its interpretation, is determined by one’s place on the ladder of evolution. For the disciple, the mystical sense usually comes forth from the soul, while for the initiate it is the ashram and the Master of Wisdom at its head.

William Meader

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