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The Planetary Heart Center

the planetary heart

the planetary heartThe Planetary Heart

The planetary heart center is the heart chakra to the Being that ensouls the fullness of the earth. Occultly referred to as the Planetary Logos, this divine entity is constitutionally the same as that of a human being, in that it too has a higher and lower nature, and it too is struggling to transform its personality so that it becomes the rightful servant to its soulful nature. Just as with a human being, the life force of the Planetary Logos expresses and evolves through seven major chakras, and it is one of these that is the topic of our discussion—the planetary heart center.

When viewing chakras from a global perspective, it is important to realize that the heart center of our Planetary Logos is the abode of the Masters of Wisdom—those liberated souls that have perfected themselves and are now transcendent to the struggles and challenges of human existence. The loving radiation coming forth from the Planetary Logos finds its outlet of expression through the collective vibration of these Masters, and through the Christ as their directive head. Indeed, they are the repository for the love vibration of our planetary god. It is therefore no wonder that love is considered the most essential energy in support of human evolution.

There is an important relationship between the planetary heart center and the disciple on the journey toward enlightenment. The Path is one that leads directly toward this planetary focal point of love, deep within. Each step upon the Upward Way draws the seeker into greater intimacy with the loving radiation of the Masters, and therefore with the heart of the Planetary Logos. As this approach continues, this divine energy precipitates into the heart and mind of the disciple, and with heightened sensitivity at each step trodden. Indeed, the measure of where one stands upon the Path of Evolution is partially determined by one’s growing sensitivity to this subtle source of divine love.

William Meader

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