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Sagittarius: The Arrows of Aspiration



~ The Arrows of Aspiration ~

Sagittarius is the ninth sign upon the zodiacal wheel. As an agent of fire, this Sign of the Archer facilitates a passionate approach to life. People with Sagittarius strongly accented in their charts normally approach life with a sense of vision and zealous curiosity. For the average individual, this may emerge as a strong urge to see and explore the world; for the scholarly type, it enlivens the mind toward that which captures their interest and imagination; and for the disciple it evokes a quest to seek answers to the bigger questions of life and existence, and to define the direction of his/her service. Yet, when considering this range of human consciousness, each is simply an indication that the Archer is shooting his arrows—mythologically referred to as the arrows of aspiration.

It can be seen, therefore, why Sagittarius is viewed as the great sign of spiritual aspiration. It aims us toward something lofty and worthy of pursuit. Yet, as with all zodiacal forces, there are challenges associated with expressing the highest potential that the Archer offers. Inherent within the consciousness of the Sagittarian disciple is a profound sense of inquisitiveness. As a result, such a person can be inclined to aim the arrows of aspiration toward too many targets. Consequently, the one target most important to the soul’s mission is compromised by unbridled curiosity. Essentially, the Sagittarian disciple must learn to become the one-pointed disciple.

Vision sets the goal and the direction that the Sagittarian disciple must follow and this without waiver. Unlike some zodiacal forces, this sign does not promote the “take life as it comes” perspective. Rather, it conditions us with a conviction to focus our lives toward something that is spiritually meaningful and uplifting. And, when the disciple’s aim is steady and true, great accomplishments on behalf of humanity’s future will surely arise. Such is the promise when life is rightly lived and expressed in the Sign of the Archer.

William Meader

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