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Principle of Fusion


fusionPrinciple of Fusion

When one consciously steps upon the Path, the Principle of Fusion becomes increasingly operative in life. To commit oneself to the spiritual journey suggests that the aspirant is starting to awaken to his or her internal duality. By this is meant that such an individual is beginning to sense, deep within, a higher and lower dimension to his or her thoughts, feelings and physical inclinations. Essentially, the contrast between the soul and personality is becoming delineated. And, the more this internal dichotomy is sensed, the more the aspirant strives to transform the lower (personality) into a willing servant on behalf of the higher (soul). This then stages the next phase in the evolution of human consciousness—the fusion of soul and personality.

Efforts at soul-personality fusion represent the hallmark of a disciple’s transformation journey. As more of the personality is purified, the soul is increasingly able to infuse its love, wisdom and creative intention into the mind of the lower-self. This is the primary goal of all who are consciously walking upon the Path. It is to transform the personality so that it willingly becomes (through the process of infusion) the soul’s outer agent in service to a needy world.

The process of soul-personality fusion normally requires several incarnations to fully achieve. For countless lifetimes, personality has been the dominating and guiding agency of our thoughts and actions. As such, it does not easily yield to the soul’s guiding persuasions. Invariably, there will be times when the personality rebels, reasserting its authority and control. A battle thus ensues. Essentially, it is a struggle for control between the higher and lower division of one’s consciousness.

In some incarnation, the Principle of Fusion will have been fully and successful wielded by the soul, thus indicating that the personality has fully surrendered to the soul’s authority and wise promptings. Discipleship indicates partial infusion, while initiate life commences when full infusion has been achieved. For we who are on the Path of Discipleship, it is therefore best to accept the fact that, until full infusion has been achieved, the Path is a hill and valley experience of sorts. The swings between soulful alignment and the reclaiming authority of the personality are unavoidable. Indeed, prior to enlightenment, even the Buddha and the Christ would have dealt with it, for it is built into the fabric of human evolution itself.

William Meader

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