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~ The Sign of Discipleship ~

There is perhaps no other sign more relevant to the spiritual journey than Scorpio. As one of the fixed signs found within the zodiacal vault of heaven, Scorpio tries to shape into human consciousness a determined urge to introspect. It does this, not only for the purpose of sensing the soul deep within, but to locate the psychological obstacles that seem to obstruct access to it. Scorpio inclines the disciple to inwardly search for the shadow (Jungian) as a prerequisite to its transformation and redemption. When using the language of esotericism, this shadowy dimension of consciousness is called the dweller on the threshold.

From this understanding it can be seen why Scorpio has been called the sign of discipleship. Indeed, it invariably governs the life of all disciples, regardless of whether or not it is accented in one’s natal chart. For what does it mean to be a disciple? It is to commit one’s life to being a disciple of the soul and its promptings. To properly align and commit to living the life of the soul requires that one do the difficult work of transforming the baser aspects of one’s consciousness. As such, everyone who is consciously on the Path must integrate and adopt the inducements of Scorpio. The evolution of human consciousness demands that this be so.

It is therefore clear that Scorpio is the great sign of transformation. It forces each of us to enter into the desert of our lower nature so as to do battle with the darkness that blocks the soul’s light from shining forth. Prior to stepping onto the Path, an individual born in Scorpio will direct the venom of the scorpion toward obstacles being faced in the outer world. Yet, when on the Path, its venom is inwardly directed toward those aspects of consciousness that inhibit the soul’s full expression. By so doing, the disciple gradually becomes disentangled from the dweller’s embrace. Emergence into the soul’s radiant light is then sure reward.

William Meader

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