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White Magic – The Condition of the Waters

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White Magic

~ The Condition of the Waters ~

One of the steps in the soul’s creative process requires that the magician assess the condition of the waters. As water is ever the symbol for the emotional dimension of life, there is a need to ascertain the state of the one’s astral body to determine its readiness for adding an essential emotional ingredient to the new idea being urged by the soul.

It must be remembered that adding a feeling tone to an idea is essential in order to give the soul’s descending thoughtform the quality of magnetic appeal. It is also through emotion that added vitality is imbued within the thoughtform, thus facilitating its emergence into the light of day. Yet it is at this stage in the process where the greatest potential for glamour (distortion) can also arise. Exaggerated emotion can easily make a mountain out of a molehill (to use an old adage). Assessing the condition of the waters before emotionally charging the thoughtform is therefore well advised.

It may be asked, what is to be looked for when examining one’s emotional condition? The answer relates to the degree of agitation present within the emotional body of the personality. When one is feeling negative emotions, it is obviously not the time to be adding emotion to one’s new and creative ideations. Yet, the same is true with considering strongly positive emotion, such as enthusiasm, passion or zeal. These too give indication that the waters are agitated, even though they may be prized by the personality. Ideally, the best time to consciously add a feeling tone is when the astral body is calm, as if it were a limpid pond.

While in a state of inner calm, the waters of emotion will then rightly saturate one’s soul inspired idea. Thus will the thoughtform be rendered attractive and vital, yet without the exaggerations and distortions created by untempered emotion.

William Meader

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