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The Principle of Goodwill

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unlikely-animal-friends2Principle of Goodwill

In every country and corner of the globe, distrust and conflict seems to be the order of the day. Each generation wishes that their children will live in a more peaceful and joyous world, yet, as a consequence of the crises we collectively face, such hope seems to be fading as well. When considering the enormity of the many problems facing humanity, it is clear that our survival may largely depend upon the humanity’s capacity to cultivate and integrate the spirit of goodwill. Indeed, the Principle of Goodwill is one of the most essential tenets foundational to the new and dawning age.

When goodwill is part and parcel of an individual’s way of being in the world, it gives clear evidence that the soul has stepped forward. As a lofty dimension of consciousness, the soul gives pattern and shape to our thoughts, and from this the perception of goodwill arises. It is interesting to consider the fact that goodwill is a compound of two words—good and will. Herein is a clue to understanding the soul’s relationship to goodwill and its expression in the outer world. That which is spiritually good is ever the prerogative of the soul, yet it requires the will of the personality to outwardly direct it in service to others. When the soul and its outer instrument of service (the personality) establish cooperative rapport, the experience of goodwill is sure.

Inferred by this is a simple yet profound truth—goodwill is the foundation from which soulful service shines forth. It is a force that not only heals and uplifts, but also carries the note of unity upon its wings. It mends wounds, and brings peace where there is pain and strife. Through the kindness of goodwill, enemies eventually unite as friends. This is why goodwill is truly the antidote to much of humanity’s plight. We live in an era when the separative tendencies of human consciousness have come to the fore, and it is the uplifting and unifying power of goodwill that moves love into action, resulting in a better world.

William Meader

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