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Libra ~ In Search of Right Relationship


~ In Search of Right Relationship ~

In addition to its association with balance and harmony, Libra has long been recognized as the zodiacal sign most concomitant with relationship. Sometimes called the sign of partnership, Libra conditions one’s consciousness with a heightened sensitivity to all forms of interpersonal relationships. Yet when the Libran individual is consciously on the Path, the nature of this conditioning influence widens. Not only is such a person interested in seeking peaceful and harmonic relations with others, the search for right relationship with all things becomes the fundamental matrix of his or her thoughts and desires.

Either consciously or unconsciously, the Libran disciple is asking him/herself, what is the right relationship to have with everything I interface with in my life? Questions as to what is the right relationship to have with one’s career, friendships, government or even the natural environment are just a few of the many arenas where attention to relational balance and congruency is sought. This also can be directed toward psychological dualities, such as the harmonization of the mind and heart, the masculine and feminine, or even the soul and the personality. Essentially, Libra is the sign that supports the harmonization of all dualities as a function of truly living a soulful life.

In many ways, the urge to find right relationship is the theme underlying much of the crises we witness in our world today. Whether considering the environmental crisis, the atrocities now being witnessed in the Middle East, or the financial inequities evident in today’s world, our yearning to find remedy to such things is growing. Herein we see the influence of Libra as it shapes our vision of reality on a collective scale.

Finding right relationship is always preceded by casting light upon wrong relationship, and from its contrast, crisis predictably arises. Over the last few years, for example, we have become increasingly aware of our natural environment, and humanity’s wrongful relationship to it. By exposing this, the environmental movement took root as a rectifying force in support of right relationship. The battle between the environmental activists and the status quo thus ensued. Libra is doing its work. Though the emphasis of positive change is the promise of the Aquarian Age, it will only be fulfilled through the influence of Libra upon the minds and hearts of humanity.

William Meader

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