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Virgo – The Gestation of the Christ Principle

virgo constellation

Virgo ConstellationVirgo

~ The Gestation of the Christ Principle ~

As one of the earth signs, Virgo has much to do with the principle of good form. It conditions human consciousness with an urge to adjust the many forms of life, both externally and psychologically. For those not yet on the Path, the energies of Virgo frequently manifest as a desire to bring order and organization to the outer forms they live within. Yet to the Virgo disciple, it is not the environmental forms where the emphasis is to be had. Rather, it is the personality (in its form nature) where attention must be duly placed. In the first case, it is the personality engaging the outer forms within an individual’s personal and/or professional environment, while the latter relates to the soul perceiving its outer garment (the personality) as the form in need of adjustment and purification.

It is no wonder, therefore, that Virgo has occultly been called the sign of purification. Indeed, from the soul’s elevated vantage, it is the substance of the personality that must be purified so as to provide an untainted garment through which it can be birthed. And, because the soul is the representation of the Christ within, it is true to say that Virgo facilitates the gestation of the Christ Principle within the womb of substance.

Virgo comes from the root word “virgin” which simply means—that which is pure. When in the Sign of the Virgin, it behooves disciples to attend to the purification of their personality vehicles. Though particularly relevant to the Virgo disciple, in actual fact, this notion is important to all spiritually inclined people. For all of us, the impurities of the personality are distorting factors to the soul as it seeks to outwardly express itself in service. Impurities within the physical body, selfish and desirous emotional urges, and the tendency toward separative thinking underpin the taints within the personality. Vigilance toward these proclivities is the first step toward their transformation, and is therefore well-advised.

William Meader


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