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The Principle of Essential Divinity

The Principle of Essential Divinity

The Esoteric Philosophy has long held the view that, in the ultimate sense, all that exists is sacred and divine. For reasons that we (as human beings) are not able to fathom, the One Life manifests itself in and as Cosmos. It is the One becoming the many. All things in Creation are therefore elements of the One Life incarnate within the vast diversity of forms evident in both the seen and unseen dimensions of the universe. Herein is found the core truth behind one of the many edicts that give foundation to spiritual service— the Principle of Essential Divinity.

The Principle of Essential Divinity states that at the level of pure essence, every human being is divine. Indeed, we are each gods in the making, and spiritual service is rooted in this understanding and conviction. All past divine revelations have led humanity to the recognition of this unfolding truth. Over the course of countless centuries, humanity has been inspired by means of prayer and worship to find relationship with God, only to now enter into an era where we are awakening to the next great revelation—that we are the divinity we seek.

William Meader

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