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Spiritual Principles

Stone path in autumn

37562549_sSpiritual Principles

~ Projections from the Greater Life ~

Underpinning the Path is found an array of profound principles and governing laws. As the bedrock from which all of Creation arises, spiritual principles represent emergent patterns of truth. They guide the human soul in its capacity to express its love and wisdom in the outer world. Whether considering the Principle of Unanimity, the Law of Attraction, or the Principle of Essential Divinity (to name just a few) they are the archetypes that will lead each of us to eventually cross enlightenment’s threshold.

It must be remembered that Life is essentially hylozoistic, in that every category of life is nested as a cell of consciousness within a vaster entity. So it is with human beings. As a kingdom of nature, humanity is understood as a layer of consciousness found within the body of the Planetary Logos—the entity that ensouls the Earth itself. And, it is from this that the root and source of spiritual principles can be understood. The principles that govern the evolution of the soul are simply projections of divine thought arising from our Planetary Logos as It seeks to evolve an aspect of Itself through the human domain. It can be rather humbling to realize that the most essential laws that govern human evolution are merely the out-pictured thoughts of the planetary god within which we reside. Yet so it is.

Much can be said about the logoic principles that guide and condition the Path. They set the parameters for all of human evolution, and give directional impulse to the body of the soul (causal body) in its march toward perfection. Indeed, they shape the subtle patterns that serve as the very foundation of our spiritual lives. A deep inquiry into several of these spiritual principles will prove enriching, and will therefore be forthcoming.

William Meader