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White Magic: Adding the Emotional Ingredient

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White MagicWhite Magic

~ Adding the Emotional Ingredient ~

White magic is sometimes referred to as the art of thoughtform-building. The goal of this ancient practice is to translate divine intuition (as impulse by the soul) into a set of progressive thoughtforms that can advance humanity in some fashion. Yet this is really only the beginning of the magical process. After the magician has mentally constructed a soul-inspired thoughtform, an emotional sheath must be added as a necessary ingredient.

Though the emotional body of the personality can, at times, be quite challenging, its role is nonetheless crucial in the magical work. When wisely integrated into the process, emotions can offer the descending thoughtform two essential ingredients, each of which is needed to assist in its manifestation. Firstly, imbuing a new idea with a measure of emotion adds living vitality to it. Indeed, one is much more likely to manifest a new idea if there is a degree of emotional conviction associated with it. Upon honest examination of our own experience at conveying ideas to others, most of us can see the truth in this notion.

Secondly, emotions can add magnetic appeal to the progressive idea(s) that the magician seeks to bring forth into the outer world. Through his or her emotional body, the agent of the soul (personality) is able to establish rapport with the Law of Attraction. In this way, the thoughtform can become appealing and lovingly magnetic. This is an enormously valuable role of emotions as utilized in the magical process. It ensures that underlying one’s creative endeavor the quality of attractive love is pervasively present.

Though there are many challenges related to bathing one’s creative ideas with emotion, these will be discussed in a further posting. For now, my intention is to simply lay out the essential role of emotions in the magical process. In this regard, successful magic is heightened when we remember that the emotional body is an instrument used by the soul in support of its efforts to manifest its divine ideations. We must learn to wisely use the emotional body, rather than being used by it.


William Meader