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Law of Synthesis – An Introduction


Law of Synthesis

~ An Introduction ~

Within the Esoteric Philosophy, there are a variety of spiritual laws and principles that serve as its foundation and underpinning. Precepts such as the Law of Attraction, the Principle of Right Relationship, and the Law of Economy serve as guiding parameters on the long road to enlightenment. Yet of the many laws governing the spiritual journey, there is perhaps no greater dictum than the Law of Synthesis.

To understand the spiritual significance of synthesis, we must first distinguish it from unity, for often these two terms are confused with each other. Esoterically understood, unity is the energy that impels all parts within a living system to find their rightful place within that system. When we say, for instance, that the personality is learning to be subservient to soul, we are really stating that it is finding its right relationship to the soul in unity. The soul in each of us is driven by the urge to unite, first with the personality, then with the larger life that it is contained within. However, synthesis transcends unity while at the same time standing upon its shoulders.

When all parts within a living system rightly unite, synthesis emerges as a transcendent realization. It is a field of perception where all is recognized as truly and profoundly One. When the personality has completely yielded to the soul’s guiding influence, unity is achieved and the outer edges of synthesis can then be dimly sensed.

Once the personality has completely conformed to the wishes of the soul (at the third initiation) the monad is then consciously sensed for the first time. While the soul is governed by the Law of Attraction leading to unitive awareness, the monad is guided by the Law of Synthesis, thus revealing the field of universality. Indeed, unity is the portal that leads to synthesis, but does not create it. Unity must be earned through the crucible of soulful transformation, while synthesis IS.

William Meader