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Creative Breathing

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21014402_sCreative Breathing

~ The Soul’s Gesture of Upliftment ~

Spiritual creativity comes into being through the dynamic process of breathing. As an act of service, the soul yearns to breathe forth new and creative ideas in support of human betterment. Yet this respiratory process must not be interpreted in a conventional sense. For it is not one’s physical breathing to which we refer. Rather, it is the breath of consciousness through which the soul magically expresses its creative intention.

Human consciousness has a rhythmic or cyclic motion to it. This can be recognized in one’s meditative life. While in meditation, an individual seeks to draw him/herself into the causal body, the abode of the soul. This interior motion is the inhalation of consciousness and is the first step in the process. It is to draw one’s awareness to a deep and subtle place within—the acme point of the mind. When in the stillness of this elevated state, the soul fecundates consciousness with an intuitive seed in hopes that it will germinate into a fully realized idea or insight within the disciple’s mind.   Success in this process is assured to the extent that one can hold the mind steady in the light.

Most often the soul’s insights are experienced as nebulous and vague, at least initially. Yet through meditative contemplation, more clarity and detail begins to take shape within the mind. The broad patterns of the emerging thoughtform come into view, and the disciple begins to actively build more detail and texture into this sensed revelation. As more understanding emerges, emotional conviction is then added to the constructed thoughtform, thus charging it with heightened vitality and appeal.

Finally, the new and vitalized thoughtform is expressed in the outer world as an act of soulful service. This is the exhalation process used by the soul. It breathes forth its wisdom and love as a force that uplifts. This is the soul’s gesture of upliftment.

William Meader