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Cancer: A Home of a Larger Kind


~ A Home of a Larger Kind ~

For long the astrological sign of Cancer has been associated with the Mother Principle and the nest building instinct. As the cardinal representative of water, it is a zodiacal force that tends to cultivate the urge to nurture and to create a maternal place of security for those in need. Often called the ruler of the home, Cancer instinctually inclines human consciousness toward building a tangible place of safety in support of the growth and development of others. Yet when the Cancerian native is consciously walking the Path, this notion is expanded beyond the four walls within which s/he lives. For when the soul seeks to express itself in the outer life, it is not the literal home of the personality that is its field of expression. Instead, the entirety of the outer life is the soul’s abode and field of compassionate service. In this regard, the fullness of life is best understood as a home of a larger kind.

Because the mental, emotional and physical bodies of every human being are susceptible to distorted perception (sometimes called glamour), astrological forces are often ill shaped as they pattern the consciousness of the personality. In the case of Cancer, this tendency inclines an individual to see the home as a tangible assembly of bricks and mortar providing shelter, comfort and safety from the demanding forces of the larger society. Timidity, undue hesitancy and fear are common glamours which are associated with the Cancerian, and these are transformed as the soul becomes more operative in his/her life.

As the soul’s radiation increasingly becomes integrated into the Cancerian’s consciousness, the glamours of the personality gradually and steadily give way. The many departments of life are then perceived in newly expansive and enlightened ways. The interpersonal, professional and social inclinations of life (to name just a few of the many departments of human living) are now recognized as larger rooms contained with a larger home—the abode of life itself.

As the disciple transcends the inhibitions of the Cancerian glamours, the urge to nurture is likewise transformed. The soul slowly decentralizes and extends the influence of the compassionate heart.  By so doing, the urge to love, nurture and safeguard are greatly widened. The protective mother of the home becomes the wise and inclusive Mother of the World. Such are the remarkable transformations that occur when consciousness evolves under the guidance of this, the fourth zodiacal sign.

William Meader