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White Magic: The Magical Triangle

Magical TriangleThe Magical Triangle

~ A Series on White Magic ~

As an energy field underlying the physical dimension of life, the etheric body is the interface between the soul’s consciousness and the physical dimension of life. It is the instrument that translates impulses coming from the mind and heart into neurological and glandular responses. Indeed, no intuition, thought, or emotion can be registered within the brain without the translating influence of the etheric vehicle and the chakras contained within it. Why this is important is that there are three particular chakras that most facilitate the creative intention of the soul. They are; the ajna, heart, and throat chakras—sometimes called the magical triangle.

When properly aligned, each of the points of this etheric triangle provides the soul with an essential ingredient in support of its creative endeavor. As the representative of the third eye, the ajna center provides the soul with a sense of creative direction. Through it, the soul gazes outward. By so doing, it recognizes when, where, and how to bring forth its creative ideations. The throat chakra facilitates the construction of the new and progressive ideas that the soul seeks to express in the outer world, while the heart ensures that love pervades the entire creative effort.

It is therefore well to consider the magical triangle when preparing to initiate a soulful project into the world. When beginning your daily meditation, I would suggest that you briefly focus on these three chakras, imagining them as being linked together by strands of living light. In this way, you are helping to galvanize them in support of the soul’s creative urge. It assists the soul to utilize the magical triangle as its primary outlet for its magical intention, particularly when done with regularity.

William Meader