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Taurus: The Opening of the Eye of Vision

Taurus Constelation_sTaurus

~ The Opening of the Eye of Vision ~

As the first of the earth signs found upon the zodiacal wheel, Taurus has long been associated with the material dimension of life. It is a sign that gives rise to the desire for physical comfort and the acquisition of resources, and conditions the mind with an attraction to the finer things of life. Yet a feature that is often not realized is that Taurus is the sign most associated with the opening of the third eye—the Eye of Vision.

Acting as an instrument of spiritual perception, the Eye of Vision makes it possible to sense the deeper qualities seeking expression through form (mental, emotional or physical). Through such vision, one is able to intuit the nature of the soul hidden within form and circumstance and, from this, understand how to facilitate its outer expression. Much of the service impulse generated by the soul is governed by our ability to perceive these subtle energies manifesting through form—psychologically, physically and sociologically considered. Because of this inner eye, the disciple begins to sense this, then builds or rearranges the form in such a way that these sacred energies become more readily recognized by others.

Countless are the types of forms through which sacred energy flows. Whether recognized as the beauty emerging through the many forms of art in our world today; the quality of efficiency arising through various patterns of organized activity; or the wisdom conveyed through a well-constructed sentence, each is a manifestation of sacred energy utilizing form as a means of outer expression. For this the Eye of Vision exists, and it is the great sign of Taurus that most facilitates its opening and utilization.

William Meader