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Gemini: Recognizing the Soul’s Faint Whisper


~ Recognizing the Soul’s Faint Whisper ~

As the third sign upon the zodiacal wheel of life, Gemini has long been associated with the theme of communications. Having relevance to both written and verbal expression, all manner and forms of communications are energetically shaped by this astrological source. It is not surprising, therefore, that many teachers and writers come forth from the Twins. And, when looked at from a higher perch, it is an essential force when walking the Path. This is due to the fact that Gemini governs the communications between the soul and the personality as well.

When on the Path, the soul ever seeks to creatively express itself into the receptive mind of the personality. Yet this is by no means an easy task. The soul speaks via the intuition which requires that the mind be held in a state of quietened stillness to ensure right registration of the soul’s formless intuitions. Indeed, this is a fundamental theme pertaining to the higher influence of Gemini. For most of us, however, the taming of the prolific and unbridled mind can be difficult. Indeed, this is why meditation is such an important discipline to cultivate. Through the ability to meditatively hold the mind steady in the light, the soul’s intuitive gaze can then be softly sensed.

When considering Gemini and its influence upon the mind, there is an interesting paradox worthy of note. Because it is a mutable air sign, the mind of the individual born under its influence will normally be active, versatile and seemingly inexhaustible. In truth, this is a great developmental gift that Gemini bestows upon the mind of the personality. Yet ironically, when beginning to live from a more soulful orientation, it is this same mental tendency that becomes an obstacle to recognizing the soul’s faint whispers as they caress the fringes of the mind. As is often the case when trying to live a spiritually transformative life, that which is a gift to the personality can later become a hindrance to further soul expression.

William Meader

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