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White Magic – The Point of Light Emerges

White Magic

magicThe Point of Light Emerges

~ A Series on White Magic ~

As mentioned in an earlier post, inherent within the soul is a desire to creatively serve. Essentially, it is an urge to generate creative ideations within the human mind—as an initial step toward the manifestation of that which will uplift. To be successful, the personality (ego) must be meditatively oriented toward the soul and its intuitive gaze. When such is the case, right alignment and creative readiness has been established, and a point of light then emerges within the personality’s receptive mind. The soul’s magical endeavor thus begins.

Faintly flickering within the mind of the magician, the point of light is not yet a thought. Rather, it is best understood, not as an actual light, but as the intuitive seed of a thought to be. It is the matrix from which a soul inspired idea is given birth within the disciple’s mind. If consciously experienced (most often it isn’t), this intuitive light is recognized as something vague and nebulous and inwardly churning, yet at the same time there are no words to describe it. And, it is from this that a new and progressive thoughtform will eventually emerge.

In the esoteric literature we are given to understand that the point of light has certain qualities associated with it. Specifically, it irradiates the mind with a note, a color or a unique vibration. Living mental substance (mental elementals) is then magnetically attracted to these qualities—drawn toward the point of light like moths to a flame. They then begin to build an edifice of substance around its glowing warmth. In this way, the elementals give form to the soul’s formless intuitive seed. A thoughtform is thus born. Indeed, as understood in the Esoteric Philosophy, a thoughtform is an assemblage of a myriad of little lives (mental elementals) that come together in cooperative rapport to create a thoughtform within the mind. Not surprisingly, it is for this reason that white magic has sometimes been called the Art of Thoughtform Building.

William Meader