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The Three Pillars

Three Pillars

3-pillarsThe Three Pillars

It has been said that there is no stronger form than an equilateral triangle. Though normally viewed physically, this also has profound application when considering the spiritual dimension of life. There are many triplicities that contribute to our spiritual growth and development. Yet, none are more essential to human evolution than that of Meditation–Study–Service. Sometimes called The Three Pillars, they are the means that will lead each of us toward the gate of enlightenment and its accompanying joy.

As the first pillar, meditation is the means to transcend personality consciousness, and to thereby discover a dimension of existence beyond form. It serves another purpose as well, in that it is the technique, par excellence, for supporting the soul’s creative agenda. Inherent in the soul’s nature is a desire to seed the mind with new and progressive thoughtforms that have the power to uplift. Please keep in mind—the soul’s influence is subtle, in that it speaks by way of faint intuitive whispers. Yet when rightly practiced, meditation helps refine human consciousness with a heightened sensitivity to these whispers.

The reason study is consider one of the three stalwart pillars, is that it pertains to the development of the higher mind. Though most of society’s educational systems can assist people in the growth of lower mind (concrete mind), they do little to help in the maturation of one’s higher mental faculties (abstract mind). The higher mind is the layer of consciousness where broadly patterned ideas and truths are realized. For most of us, this is a dimension of consciousness in need of further development. Given the fact that the causal body (vehicle for soul consciousness) is located on the higher mental plane, it is not surprising that the cultivation of abstract thought is essential. To think abstractly is to internally position oneself in the neighborhood of the soul.

The final pillar is that of service. We are given to understand that the nature of the soul is to serve in support of humanity’s betterment. Indeed, this is a primary impulse governing the soul’s creative urge. Commitment to heartfelt service greatly assists in the alignment of the personality with the soul. It has been said that, of the three pillars, service is the most important, particularly when it is performed with selfless intent.

William Meader