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Aquarius – Conveyer of Universality


~ Conveyor of Universality ~

As a force that subtly shapes human consciousness, Aquarius brings the perception of humanity’s oneness to those most receptive to its influence. Commonly, this zodiacal force is believed to foster the development of group consciousness, which is most certainly true. Yet it is not only in the context of human groupings that this applies. Aquarius helps us to recognize that all forms of life on Earth are inwardly united. In this light, Aquarius is not only the sign that gives nurturance to group awareness, for its greater mission is to convey the Principle of Universality.

It must be realized that the oneness Aquarius cultivates is not based upon the simple notion that humanity is one in kind. In truth, it is a more profound notion than this. Instead Aquarius promotes a subtle recognition that we are one in essence. The Soul of the World (anima mundi) is deeply felt through the gifts of Aquarius, and it is this that shapes the perceptions of those under the Water Bearer’s purview. It is a deeply felt oneness, based not upon our sameness, but through the richness found in the variability of life. Oneness through diversity is indeed the clarion call that Aquarius sounds forth.

Given the fact that humanity is slowly moving into the Age of Aquarius, it is true to say that each of us can be enriched by this zodiacal light. As a whole, humanity is facing unparalleled challenges, and crises are found in every quarter of the planet. Yet when we closely consider the global issues we face, it can be seen that underlying it all is a calling for humanity to truly be one—both with itself and with all of the other kingdoms in nature. Again, it is through an honoring of diversity that true oneness can emerge. We are therefore blessed in the knowledge that the astrological sign related to this is on our horizon. Needless to say, such synchronicities are never accidental.

William Meader