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Antahkarana: The Three Threads


– The Three Threads –

In a previous post we discussed the nature of the Antahkarana and its role within human consciousness. As a bridge of substance that spans the gap between the higher and lower divisions of consciousness, it is something that is slowly developed and built over the course of many incarnations. Yet it is important to understand that the Antahkarana has a fundamental triplicity to its constitution, and it is this that I would like to address.

The Antahkarana is composed of three strands of substance, and each plays an essential role in leading us to the threshold of enlightened awareness. The first is called the consciousness thread, and it anchors itself in the center of the etheric head in the region of the pineal gland. This thread is the inner structure that facilitates the experience of consciousness itself, and has two divisions to it—a lower and a higher. The lower is the section of the thread that is built through the day-to-day experiences of the personality, while the higher division is constructed of subtler mental substance and only begins to be built when one is consciously and meditatively committed to the Path.

The second essential filament of the Antahkarana is called the life thread (also called the sutratma). Essentially, this thread is the conveyer of the Life Principle and it finds its terminus in the human heart chakra. Through it travels Life Itself.

Unlike the other filaments, the life thread doesn’t need to be developed. When in incarnation, it is always present. This thread carries the animating force behind every thought, feeling and physical activity or sensation. Biblically it is referred to as the silver cord, and when it is withdrawn death is an inevitable effect.

The creative thread is the last to be mentioned, and it finds its anchor point in the human throat chakra. Through it, the soul’s creative ideations find their outlet of expression. Increasingly, this strand of the Antahkarana is built and used as an individual develops his/her sensitivity to the soul’s creative intention. When all three threads are completely constructed, enlightenment is then at hand.

William Meader