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The Third Initiation


The Third Initiation

~ Entrance into Initiate Life ~

The fusion of the soul and personality earns one the right to enter through the third initiatory gate. Occultly called the Transfiguration, this initiation is a significant milestone on the long journey toward enlightenment. It indicates that the mind is now free from the subtlety of illusory thought, and that the soul is able to express its creative intention without personality encumberment. After countless incarnations the personality fully and finally understands its reason for being—to act as an outer garment through which the soul can express its divine intention. And it is because of this that one’s capacity to render uplifting service to human betterment increases tremendously.

The third initiation is a rite of passage that admits one into an entirely new realm of spiritual awareness and understanding. The so-called “heresy of separateness” finally comes to an end, and the Monad becomes a consciously sensed reality for the first time. It is a glimpse of Life beyond the soul and the promise of a future state of perfected being. Because of this, the transfigured disciple is given a new title, the initiate. For such an individual has been initiated into the regime of Life—an inner domain that extends beyond the soul into the realm of pure spirit.

Because the higher and lower selves are now fused as one, the initiate is given unimpeded insight as to his/her spiritual role within the Ashram. In truth, prior to initiate life, certainty of the soul’s purpose is tentative at best. As long as there are dimensions of the personality still unredeemed by the soul, there will always be a measure of distorted perception in this regard. Yet the Transfiguration indicates that this is no longer so, for the personality is now completely subservient to the soul’s directive gaze, and clarity of purpose then shines forth unencumbered.

William Meader