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The Unitive Power in Creation (The Second Aspect)

The Unitive Power in Creation

~ The Second Aspect ~

All that exists is the One Life manifesting as the many. At its most fundamental level, the second aspect represents the ancient memory of this all-embracing oneness. Whether considering a beautiful pine tree imbued with consciousness, a human being striving toward enlightenment, or the entity that ensouls the Earth itself, all units of life contain within them the memory of the original condition of oneness. Importantly, it is not oneness itself to which the second aspect holds claim, but the residual vibration of that oneness as it pervasively infuses the fabric of creation.

The second aspect prompts life toward increasing states of unity—which it why it is associated with love and the cooperative urge. It bridges and unifies spirit with matter, purpose with activity, and Life to outer appearance. Indeed, if there were one word that best conveys the essence of the second aspect it would be the word relationship. Always the second aspect facilitates the relationship between things, human or otherwise. We witness its presence in the romantic dance between men and women, the legislative relationship between a society and its citizenry, and the loving exchange between a flower and the bee gathering its nectar. Essentially, the second aspect is the relational force between all things.

This sacred energy provides sentiency to our human experience—in that it acts as the divine matrix from which the human soul arises. For the soul emerges through the unitive interplay between the monad (spirit) and personality (form). This is why the human soul is often called the middle principle. It is the bridge between the god within us (monad, first aspect) and the outer realms of thought, feeling and physical sensation (personality, third aspect). In truth, a Master of Wisdom is one who is fully conscious of the three aspects playing out within his/her consciousness—and this, without waiver. For the disciple, attention to the three aspects is therefore well advised.

(Note: Discussion of the Third Aspect will be presented in the next post)

William Meader

Emergent Light