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The Inner Ashram

buddha-wallpapers-photos-pictures-serenityThe Inner Ashram

~ The Eternal Home of the Soul ~

Traditionally, an ashram is viewed as a religious retreat where people gather for spiritual enrichment whilst among likeminded seekers. Within the nomenclature of the Esoteric Philosophy this term is used as well, yet connotes something quite different. Though it is true that an ashram is a place of spiritual guidance and support, esotericism doesn’t define it as having an external location. Instead, it is understood as a subjective place found deep within. Located beyond the realms of higher consciousness, the ashram is the place from which one’s soul comes forth. In this light, the ashram is best understood as the eternal abode of the soul.

As noted in my previous writings, there are seven type of soul’s existing within the human family. And, because every human soul emerges from an ashram, there are predictably seven great ashrams found within the inner realms. It is the ashram that is the source of one’s spiritual calling and purpose. Wise it is to remember, therefore, that the role of the soul is to act as an outer agent on behalf of the purpose of the ashram. In short, its purpose is your purpose.

William Meader

Emergent Light