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Aries: The Will to Initiate


– The Will to Initiate –

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the astrological force that supports the beginning of all things.  It inclines the disciple, born under its influence, to sense the new paradigms on humanity’s horizon, and become a driving force in support of their manifestation into the outer world.  Such people naturally have a pioneering spirit, and recognize that to give form to new and progressive ideas facilitates the next step in humanity’s evolution.

Invariably, every sign of the zodiac seeks to influence evolutionary change within human consciousness.  For instance, the developmental challenge offered by Aries centers around the type of energy used when seeking to propel new ideas toward manifestation.  Prior to stepping onto the Path, the force of emotional passion is the energy primarily used in this regard.  Mars is the traditional ruler of this sign and, as such, its passionate influence is the most natural and comfortable fuel used to assert a newly conceived idea.  Yet with this comes risk, for when such is the case there emerges a tendency to blindly rush forward causing undue disruption in the wake of the Arian individual’s creative assertions.  The remedy to this is Mercury.

Mercury is the more spiritual representative of Aries.  As its esoteric ruler, this sacred planet is the equivalent to Hermes, the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology.  When the Arian disciple is inwardly aligned with the soul, then Mercury conveys its intuitive gifts, thus shining the light of divine intelligence within the mind.  From this, the power inherent within these intuitive ideations becomes the propelling force that fuels their manifestation into form.  Thus, the blind and unregulated force of Mars is forfeited as the will of Mercury’s lighted wisdom takes its place.

No other zodiacal sign is more related to the magical process than is Aries.  With the help of Mercury as its agent, all progressive ideations find entrance into the human domain.  When considering the descriptive language of esotericism, it is not surprising therefore that Aries is said to give rise to the Will to Initiate.

William Meader