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Third Ray: The Universal Mind

Third Ray

– The Universal Mind –

Each of the Seven Rays represents an aspect or attribute of the One Life (God) as it manifests throughout the Cosmos. Often referred to as the Ray of Active Intelligence and Adaptability, this sacred radiation represents the mind and creative potential of the One Life. It is the form-building force inherent in Creation and, through its work, the intelligent manifestation of the One Life comes into being.  As such, the third ray can best be understood as the Universal Mind.

As the representative of divine intelligence, this living ray is responsible for all that we externally see and know. Occultly considered, the entire universe can be understood as the out-pictured thoughtform of the One Life as it thinks itself into manifestation. By way of analogy, this is identical to the means used by soul as it initiates its incarnation into human form. The mind of the soul is what produces the incarnation and the circumstances through which rebirth will occur.

When viewed in a purely human context, the third ray is the archetypal force that gives rise to the phenomenon of consciousness itself. It is intimately related to the Law of Activity, and its inherent motion is what stimulates the construction of human thought, feeling and physical experiences. Here again we see the form-building role of this hallowed ray.

Though every human being has a natural relationship with the third ray, there are some whose soul or personality is largely conditioned by it. Such people are normally versatile and creative thinkers, have a faculty for language and vocabulary, and tend toward constant activity—both outwardly or inwardly considered. When clearly on the path of discipleship, people well-endowed with the third ray can be viewed as the forerunners to the light of God.

William Meader