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Second Ray: The Lord of Eternal Love

Second Ray

The Lord of Eternal Love –

As an emanation arising from the One Life, this ray has a magnetic and attractive quality to it. In the largest sense, it is the ray that holds the memory of the original condition of Oneness within the entirety of Creation. Yet on a human level it manifests as compassion, empathy, and loving wisdom. In the arcane nomenclature of esotericism, this living energy has sometimes been called the Lord of Eternal Love and is closely associated with the Law of Attraction. Its energy helps us sense that behind the diversity of outer life there exists an abiding oneness. This is the great gift that the second ray conveys.

Though all of the Seven Rays are equal in their contribution to human evolution, this particular ray holds a unique position and influence within this divine septenary. For we are told, in the ancient esoteric literature, that our Solar Logos (the deity that ensouls our solar system) is a second ray being. With this in mind, there is much truth in the old adage that “God is Love.” When considering our local god (solar logos), this is most certainly true. And if we, as human beings, are merely atoms of consciousness with the beingness of the Solar Logos, then we too are radiations of love and wisdom. Such is the blessed nature of our solar systemic existence.

In addition to being pervasively present, there are many human beings whose soul or personality is uniquely conditioned by this ray of love and wisdom. When expressed wisely, such people demonstrate a profound sensitivity toward others, are deeply intuitive and often have a natural ability to teach and illumine. In this regard, it is not surprising that the second ray underlies the urge to teach, and is also central to the healing arts.

William Meader