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Fourth Ray: The Divine Intermediary

Fourth Ray

– The Divine Intermediary –

It has been said that the spiritual path is a journey from duality to Oneness. Not surprising, therefore, the fourth ray holds notable importance for humanity. As the living energy most associated with duality and its resolution, the fourth ray is the foundation upon which the human kingdom evolves. It is responsible for the balancing and integrating of the soul with the human personality. This ray largely governs the play of the opposites evident within our thoughts, feelings and the conflicting demands of physical existence. Not surprisingly, this sacred energy has sometimes been given the appellation of Divine Intermediary.

As energy radiating from the One Life, the nature of the fourth ray is to drive evolution toward increasing degrees of balance and synthesis. This it surely does, but not without struggle. Often called the Ray of Harmony through Conflict, it forces the disciple to recognize and transform the many conflicting dualities woven within the warp and woof of consciousness.

Whether considering the dualistic drama between personal desire and selfless aspiration, the striving for happiness and the avoidance of sorrow, or the clash between separative versus unitive thinking….each will eventually become a battleground within the fabric of human consciousness. Resolution comes, but only when the individual can rise above the warring dualities. This requires that he or she find a place deep within, a lofty perch, where every conflicting duality can be synthesized as one.

Because humanity is the fourth kingdom in nature, it has a numerological affinity with the fourth ray. Indeed, in the ancient Esoteric Philosophy we are told that the Soul of Humanity itself is governed by this divine radiation. As such, we are all subject to its evolutionary influence. Beyond this, people whose personality is conditioned by the fourth ray will demonstrate predictable character tendencies. They usually prize spontaneity, are dramatic, and have an ability to invoke conflict. Yet as natural intermediaries, they are frequently gifted with the capacity to facilitate resolution and harmonization of crisis. Such people have an exquisite sensitivity to beauty, and frequently are able to create it as well.  Indeed, artists are usually well endowed with the gifts and liabilities of the fourth ray.

William Meader