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Fifth Ray: The Dividing Sword

Fifth Ray

– The Dividing Sword –

If there is one term that best describes the fifth ray’s influence, it would be the word precision. Essentially, the fifth ray is the great clarifier of truth. As a divine radiation, one of its influences pertains to the mind and the nature of human perception. It helps humanity mentally discern that which is true from that which only appears to be true. Through its emphasis on razor sharp discernment, it slowly conditions our perceptions with the capacity to wisely differentiate truth from pseudo-truth. Given this, its ancient description as a dividing sword seems well suited.

When considered from an historical perspective, the fifth ray is the root energy that gave impulse to the scientific and industrial revolutions. Commonly referred to as the Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science, its influence has led to most of humanity’s scientific and technological advances during the last two centuries. The degree of mental acuity and investigative aptitude in today’s world is unparalleled in human history. By and large, this is due to the growing presence of this divine energy. Given the fact that it is the background radiation for the sign of Aquarius, it is reasonable to assume that the fifth ray will have a major shaping effect in human affairs for some time to come.

As an inherent part of their psychological constitution, fifth ray people are likely to demonstrate certain tendencies within their character. Having a well-developed capacity to separate fact from fiction, such people see things from a realistic and common-sense perspective. They are analytical, inventive and discriminating. At times, such people can be quite skeptical (sometimes to a fault), preferring investigation over speculative inquiry. Nonetheless, when on the path they are great dispensers of spiritual knowledge.

William Meader