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The Soul’s Creative Urge

The Soul’s Creative Urge

Every human soul is destined to be a creative agent, for the evolution of consciousness demands that this be so.  Within each of us the soul yearns to express its inherent love and wisdom in support of the betterment of something. Indeed, this notion is central to its incarnational intention.  In the esoteric nomenclature, the soul’s creative urge is referred to as white magic.  And though every human being will eventually (in some incarnation) be magically effective, a wise and intelligent understanding of the process will be helpful when seeking to more effectively serve.

The soul’s creative work is considered top-down magic, in that it begins from a subtle place located at the apex of consciousness.  Here the soul sounds its creative note, and thus precipitates its intuitive wisdom downward into the receptive mind of the personality in hopes that it will take shape as a newly realized insight or progressive thoughtform.  If successful, this soul-inspired idea is then deliberately bathed in emotion so that it may be energized as a prelude to moving the idea into the outer world.  Finally, the art of externalizing this uplifting thoughtform commences with particular attention to the spiritual indicators that reveal right timing.

Given this, it’s not surprising that this creative process has also been called the Art of Thoughtform Building.  To appreciate the implications of this title bear in mind that the causal body (the container of the soul) is located on the higher mental plane.  As such, it has the ability to launch trends of intuitively inspired thoughts and innovative ideations that have the power to serve and uplift.  The soul speaks via intuitive whispers, and when rightly aligned, the mind of the lower-self (personality) will registered these intuitive promptings and build thoughts around them.  This is the foundation for the soul’s creative process.  It is to radiate its intuitional intention into the receptive mind as a preliminary step toward its externalization.

Yet as the soul downwardly directs its creative ideations, there are certain challenges along the way.  Often the personality will begin to subtly take ownership of the soul-inspired idea, and when this happens, distortion of the idea is sure to occur.  It is for this reason that one must be mindful of the entire process, and be alert to when the personality may unduly interfere.  These points of danger are well known.  In truth, the study of the magical art is as much a process of learning when personality interference is likely as it is to learn how to successful externalize the soul’s creative wisdom.

In future entries I will go into these points with greater detail and fullness.  For now, suffice it to say that this subject is central to living a meaningful spiritual life.  The destiny of the soul residing within each of us is to be creatively effective.  In truth, when the soul’s magical work is expressed with perfection, enlightenment is surely at hand.

William Meader