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Monad: A Spark from the One Flame


A Spark from the One Flame

Often it is believed that the consciousness of the soul is what we are striving to become. In many ways, this is true. The goal is to lift one’s perceptions to a loftier perch and, by so doing, become the consciousness of the higher-self—the soul. Yet this only pertains to human evolution. Once there is relative permanence in our capacity to hold consciousness at the level of the soul, a great initiation (the transfiguration) then occurs and entrance into a trans-human realm of evolution begins. Through this process, the monad (divine-self) is discovered, hidden behind the abode of the soul (causal body). What was thought to be one’s eternal sanctuary is then realized as merely a veil to be lifted….behind which the powerful radiance of the monad boldly comes into view.

The monad is a dimension of identity that is transcendent to all categories of consciousness, even the wisdom and love of the soul. And if the entire universe is the outer manifestation of the Fiery Will of God, as esotericism suggests, then the human monad can be best understood as a divine spark arising from this universal conflagration.

In truth, to live the life of the monad is the earned prerogative of an enlightened master. Nonetheless, as a structure of identity it secretly resides within the depths of each of us.  The monad represents our unrealized god-self, further accenting the notion that we are the divinity we seek. Unless enlightenment’s gate is near, the monad will not be seen, though one day it surely will be. For recognizing the monad, as a prelude to becoming it, is the abiding promise of the future.

William Meader