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First Ray: The Lord of the Burning Ground

The First Ray

– The Lord of the Burning Ground –

The first ray is the divine energy that gives impulse to the evolutionary movement of all things. As the carrier of Divine Will, this ray is the force that drives Life to eventually manifest its archetypal purpose and destiny. Within each of us, it is that which pushes consciousness to take its next step in development, even if this involves pain and suffering along the way.

There are times in life when we know that we need to stand unwaveringly strong in order to overcome various external and internal obstacles that prevent forward movement in our lives. It is therefore no wonder that, in ancient lore, this living ray has been called The Lord of the Burning Ground. It forces each of us to walk across the hot coals of crisis—and this as a prelude to heightened soulful living.

Though each of the Seven Rays finds expression within every human being, there is great variability to this. For those well-endowed with the first ray, a variety of characteristics are likely to be witnessed in their way of being in the world. Such individuals often have a strong sense of will and drive, and also have a natural ability to govern and direct people and events. They tend to view the world from a big-picture perspective, and have a deep understanding of principles and priorities.

As the Ray of Will and Power, this sacred energy is essential to every human being, particularly to those who are walking the spiritual path. The long journey to enlightenment often entails going against the norms and expectations of others, as well as the whole of society. The first ray, when wisely and rightly accessed, provides each of us with the means to break through such barriers and, by so doing, allows the soul to more radiantly shine forth.

William Meader