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The Cradle of Love


The Cradle of Love

– A Memory of the Original Condition of Oneness –

Whether considering the attraction we have toward those who are dear to us, the feelings we experience when offering aid to others, or the warmth that softly wells up when a baby grasps our hand, love manifests in many forms.  Yet what is this mysterious energy that can so powerfully sway us—urging us to rise above our separative tendencies so that we may feel the richness and joy of union? Esoterically understood, love is a living energy inherent in all things, and the memory of the original condition of Oneness is its cradle and source.

To fully appreciate this, it must be remembered that the entire universe is viewed as One Life (God) outwardly manifesting itself in (and as) cosmos—the One becoming the many.  Sometimes called the chain-of-life, the extension of Oneness into multiplicity is the reason for the seemingly infinite complexity and diversity of forms found on earth and throughout the universe.  Yet, inherent within every particulate form is seeded a subtle memory of the original unitive state.  Whether we are considering our planetary logos (the entity that ensouls the earth), a human being, a majestic redwood tree or even an atom of matter—all innately carry this vibrational memory.  In the highest and truest sense, this is love. It is a pervasive energy that underlies the warp and woof of Creation itself.

This universal energy is often referred to as a cosmic law—the Law of Attraction, and manifests itself in countless ways.  It is evidenced in the romantic allure that draws two people together, in the attraction a honey bee has to a flower as it gathers its sweet nectar, and in the desire of countries to cooperatively come together in the formation of the United Nations.  Each gives testament to this sacred law in action.  As the force holding us fast to the earth, even gravity is a manifestation of the Law of Attraction.  It too is therefore a demonstration of love.  When understanding the cradle of love in this way, it can truly be said that there is no place where love is not.

William Meader