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Karma: The Law of Opportunity



The Law of Opportunity

Often we think of karma as an evolutionary curse arising from wayward actions in the past.  As a result, it seems to limit our capacity to manifest the fullness of our spiritual potential within the fabric of daily living. Viewed in this way, karma surely has a binding effect. Yet, there is a less recognized aspect of karma that must not be overlooked. For within the circumstances of life, karma provides the necessary tension needed to facilitate spiritual growth. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Law of Karma has sometimes been called by another name—the Law of Opportunity.

It has been said that the human soul is inherently of fixed design. Indeed, the soul is a divine archetype and its destiny is to manifest its archetypal pattern through its lower instrument, the personality. Essentially, karma reveals the facets of consciousness that tend to inhibit the full expression of this archetype.  In this regard, karma can be seen as an agent of opportunity. It invites us to recognize the next step to be taken in order to more fully live the soul’s archetypal wisdom.

With this understanding, the struggles and challenges of life take on new meaning and relevance. No longer is karmic restraint viewed as a burdensome obstacle on the path of evolution.  Instead it acts as a roadmap leading to the soul’s perfected expression. The specific karmic circumstances we individually face are best understood as stepping stones leading to a heightened state of existence. In the truest sense, the inescapability of karma is a paradoxical blessing of sorts. While it certainly can initiate painful adjustments and lessons, it also bestows new opportunity once the adjustments are made. Karma does not prevent us from arriving at enlightenment’s gate. Instead, it provides the personalized steps that developmentally lead us to its threshold.